No. 15 – Heritage Tenor Acoustic

Number 15 is a classic Flintwood Heritage build but with some requested custom changes.  The customer wanted all black walnut neck, back, and sides with a red cedar top.  Mixed with the French polish it made a fantastic rustic look.  I also adjusted the scale from 25″ down to 23″ for lower string tension.  The outcome feels very nice and I think that I will continue the 23″ scale for future 4-string builds.

  • Four String Acoustic
  • Natural Finish
  • Black Hardware
  • Walnut Fret Board
  • 23” Scale with Zero Nut
  • Reinforced Neck Design (1/8″ steel rod)
  • Red Cedar
  • Black Walnut Neck, Back, and Sides
  • Black Hardtail Bridge

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