No. 17 and Fostering Faith Foundation

Guitar donation to the Fostering Faith Foundation’s Charity Event & Silent Auction so that they may continue granting Foster Children’s Holiday Wish Lists while being able to provide clothing, assistance with needed items, scholarships and more throughout the year as well.

• Four String Acoustic
• Natural Finish
• Chrome Hardware
• Walnut Fret Board
• 25” Scale with Zero Nut
• Reinforced Neck Design (1/8″ steel rod)
• Spruce Top
• Birch Back
• Floating Bridge (Maple with Notched Ebony Top)
• D’Addario Tenor Guitar Strings
• Chicago Tuning (D=32) (G=22) (B=14) (E=10)

No. 15 – Heritage Tenor Acoustic

Number 15 is a classic Flintwood Heritage build but with some requested custom changes.  The customer wanted all black walnut neck, back, and sides with a red cedar top.  Mixed with the French polish it made a fantastic rustic look.  I also adjusted the scale from 25″ down to 23″ for lower string tension.  The outcome feels very nice and I think that I will continue the 23″ scale for future 4-string builds.

  • Four String Acoustic
  • Natural Finish
  • Black Hardware
  • Walnut Fret Board
  • 23” Scale with Zero Nut
  • Reinforced Neck Design (1/8″ steel rod)
  • Red Cedar
  • Black Walnut Neck, Back, and Sides
  • Black Hardtail Bridge

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