How it all Started:

Around 2015 a friend and I started resurrecting an old musical project called Catchlight. Catchlight at its core is an acoustic duo, especially as a live performance. We have spent many years experimenting with different guitars and effects searching for the perfect combination of tones and dynamics between the two players. One Christmas my wife bought me a Seagull M4 Dulcimer. We toyed around with the instrument and enjoyed it enough that we wrote and recorded a song featuring it. One of the limitations of the M4 is that the instrument was diatonic, so you were stuck in a key unless you retuned the guitar.

Seagull M4 Dulcimer

The M4 inspired me to build a custom dulcimer with a chromatic fret setup and the experiment was more successful than expected. I used that prototype in several recordings and live performances.

Flintwood Dulcimer Prototype

From there I started to research and develop my own line of small guitars under the name of Flintwood. Handcrafted folk and blues instruments designed to be simple and fun. Created in the styling of cigar box and folk instruments, Flintwood guitars offer a fresh new tone to add to your collection.

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